The Gubmint Is NOT Here To Help You


The only way for the federal feral government to actually make money is by acting as a criminal organization.  Even so, they are known for taking over over a liquor store and a whorehouse and putting both into bankruptcy.  But they do seem to be able to turn a profit by selling your personal information.


Culture War

The evil will never stop its attacks against good people.  Be prepared to join in combat at a moment’s notice.  Prepare your mind, rehearse your arguments.  Learn to expose evil for what it is.  You will never convert evil to good, but those that listen to your debate can be saved from taking the blue pill.  Give them something to think about.  A good scout is prepared.


The People vs The State

Some good news, though who knows what will become of it.  The swamp must be drained, then the alligators and snakes eradicated before meaningful reform can be accomplished.  This will be a long process, with many hard-fought battles.