Culture War

The evil will never stop its attacks against good people.  Be prepared to join in combat at a moment’s notice.  Prepare your mind, rehearse your arguments.  Learn to expose evil for what it is.  You will never convert evil to good, but those that listen to your debate can be saved from taking the blue pill.  Give them something to think about.  A good scout is prepared.



4 comments on “Culture War

  1. Matt says:

    Is this available in poster form at all? My wife would love to put it in her 8th grade religion class.

    • I just pulled the pic off the internet. Not sure where you could get it. Perhaps Mardel’s. I Googled ‘Joshua 1:19 poster’ and did not find it, but there were some other good ones. I wonder if you could just copy the image and have one made?

  2. Matt says:

    Excellent, thanks! Be safe.

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