In The Land Of Make Believe

It sure does not seem like today’s ‘journalists’ live in the same world that I do.  Perhaps they are (off-world) aliens, possibly illegal.  Perhaps they are deluded and in their minds live in another reality.  Or maybe they are unrepentant liars and criminally-minded scum of the earth.  I believe I’ll take door number 3.

straightjacket Candid photo of an MSM ‘journalist.’

Don’t worry, if there isn’t any news, they will make it up.

Buy your food from the CIA: Amazon buys Whole Foods


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Buy your food from the CIA: Amazon buys Whole Foods

by Jon Rappoport

June 19, 2017

When Amazon boss and billionaire Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post in 2013, he also had an ongoing $600 million contract to provide cloud computing services to the CIA. That meant the Washington Post, which already had a long history of cooperation with the CIA, renewed their wedding vows with the Agency and doubled down on the alliance.

By any reasonable standard of journalism, the Post should preface every article about the CIA, or article sourced from the CIA, with a conflict of interest admission: TAKE THIS PIECE WITH A FEW GIANT GRAINS OF SALT, BECAUSE OUR NEWSPAPER IS OWNED BY A MAN WHO HAS A HUGE CONTRACT TO PROVIDE SERVICES TO THE CIA.

Now Bezos and his company, Amazon, have bought Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. Whole Foods is the premier retailer of…

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Are There More Than 300 Million Guns in America?

I hope so

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

So what if that “300 million” estimate is wrong?

According to Weapons Man, it is:

We believe that the correct number is much higher — somewhere between 412 and 660 million.  You may wonder how we came to that number, so buckle up (and cringe, if you’re a math-phobe, although it never gets too theoretical): unlike most of the academics and reporters we linked above, we’re going to use publicly available data, and show our work.

What if we told you that one ATF computer system logged, by serial number, 252,000,000 unique firearms, and represented only those firearms manufactured, imported or sold by a relatively small number of the nation’s tens of thousands of Federal Firearms Licensees?

Source: Are There More Than 300 Million Guns in America?

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