A Sheriff’s Good Advice




4 comments on “A Sheriff’s Good Advice

  1. Smitty says:

    When the street war erupts and it will since the deep state has decided to impeach Trump no matter what the consequences. Police and Sheriff departments will depend on good citizens to protect them. The left hates law enforcement and will target them as they did in 1968 to 1977. This will not end like it did in 1968 where the conservatives bowed to the demands of the Marxist. This conflagration will be violent and could last a decade or more. We citizens will protect the protectors with deadly force if necessary against the Marxist murders.

    • Unfortunately, there are a lot of ‘conservatives’ that think cops are evil and have expressed their desires on some blogs about how they want a WROL to they can shoot cops. Glad to know that there are those that have our backs. We’ll be side-by-side on the barricades.

      • Smitty says:

        The real patriot community is quietly biding their time until needed. We do not desire recognition only to be left alone with our family and god. The Marxist cannot abide that. When the time comes you will have a very large number of shooters on your side. Be safe.

      • Thank you! No Fort Sumters. III

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