A Firm foundation

So, how do you handle adversity?  How about in a SHTF scenario?  WROL due to a failure of civility?  TEOTWAWKI?  Tornado?  Hurricane?  Earthquake? Zombie apocalypse?  I would go absolutely nuts if I did not have a solid spiritual foundation.  There is so much to worry about or be fearful of if you don’t have something bigger than yourself to rely on.  Stonewall Jackson understood it.  He believed that nothing could kill him before it was his God-appointed time to go, and he was good with going at his appointed time.  I have taught myself to think like that.  You see the window decals and bumper stickers that say ‘No Fear?’  Well, that is how it works for a hard core believer in God and Yeshua (Jesus).  Do I want to die?  Hell no!  I would wish to avoid suffering if at all possible, but since I have a ticket to the afterlife and believe it will be pretty darn good, what the heck.  I don’t want to preach (well, yes I do) but everyone should have a plan, and be totally convinced in it so it will carry you through the worst of times.  Unfortunately, many have no plan and no foundation.  Here is an article about that.




And just in case anyone is wondering, my adherence to Torah in no way conflicts with being saved by the free gift of grace. 


3 comments on “A Firm foundation

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  2. Notwende says:

    I wonder how my ancestors believed. Did they believe in the Gods being real persons or did they see them as what they were: embodiments of nature’s laws? For sure they knew the value of fight and they knew that there isn’t life without fighting for it. There was agterlife for everyone: something pretty colorless, bland and without much emotions for those who died in bed and Valhalla for those that died being a warrior.
    Do I know what awaits me when the time comes? No, but life won’t be over after death. Maybe reincarnation waits for those who wish to be born again. I know that I do not need to be afraid of that translation and that I can actually look forward to it – but it ain’t necessary hastening things 😊
    You confess to believe in Jesus and that is just as well – but you say you adhere to the Torah which makes me winder wether yor regard yourself being a Christian or a Jew.

    • Definitely regard myself as a Christian. But the Bible says to be imitators of Christ and he kept the Torah – perfectly. He taught that all the law and the prophets are summed up by the commands to love God and to love one another. Being Torah-observant mostly means that I do not participate is the pagan rituals that comprise today’s Christianity. God set feasts for His people to observe, but when Constantine co-opted Christianity, he added lots of pagan rituals and beliefs. A lot of the paganism in Christianity got its start during the time the Jews were in captivity in Babylon. That is how we got Easter. The feasts that God set are fun and relaxing, as feasts are supposed to be. The relationship with the Creator becomes something very different from mainstream Christianity when you begin to study the Hebrew language and word construction. Then learning about the Middle Eastern culture is another eye opener. This stuff is not taught in Christianity because it is easier to control people and take their money when they are kept in the dark. Keeping the law gives complete freedom. And just a note: Torah means ‘instruction’ and NOT law. It is simply a method to pursue righteousness, not a method of obtaining it. Jesus provides His righteousness so we don’t have to be perfect. His grace is sufficient for me.

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