Electronic Manipulation

tin foil hat society

I believe that I posted about this a year or two ago, but the upshot of the article I linked to was a study that showed that an EMP hitting the human brain changes human thought patterns.  Particularly, the researchers discovered that the EMP caused a loss of ability to make moral choices.  Rather, choices were made on immediate gratification of desires with no thought about right and wrong.  I find that study more than a little disturbing, particularly since I have read lots of novels about TEOTWAWKI scenarios generated by EMP or CME events.  This would mean that all those stories predicting societal breakdown of morals happening in days to weeks are way off base.  Morals and civility would be destroyed at the moment of the pulse hitting people.  So, if we suffer an EMP or CME, you will have NO time to get ahead of the looters, rapists, and killers when the lights go out.  Better to be prepared ahead of any disaster that might happen.  And according to this article, TPTB won’t even need to pop a nuke to effect a failure of civility.  Better stay armed and dangerous at all times.  Watch your six and keep your eyes and ears open.



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