6 comments on “Terminator?

  1. Notwende says:

    Where should I aum for center mass on a robot? Would it respond kindly and drop dead?

    • I’d have to study the design. But even an MRAP can be stopped by rifle rounds if you know what parts are vulnerable, so there has to be a weak spot. Of course, and electrical charge of some sort might work. Again, would have to understand enough of the design to find the right spot as I’m sure they are EMP-protected.

      • Notwende says:

        I would guess they’re fortified in front an have their weakest spot on their back.
        Watching these four-legged robots (Boston Dynamics) not only gives me the creeps but also hope. Their weak spot should be at their “shoulders”.
        Also I believe that a couple of hidden tripwires will slow them down buying the fighter some time.
        I know that these things are meant for transportation and possibly evacuation purposes but why shouldn’t they pack it with explosives and/or mount some sort of Gatling gun on it?

      • I think that tanglefoot traps would be a great thing to try. Even a tank gets bogged down in a good tanglefoot trap. And it’s cheap!

      • Notwende says:

        Yup! And you can connect these to a couple of hand grenades or IED’s or just something that pours burning liquid over that chump.
        A lot of traps come to mind.
        What bothers me more are those flying creepers – drones in every size and payload

      • Yep, they are the scary ones, particularly the tiny swarming ones and the big (Predator) armed ones.

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