Car Scavenging In SHTF

It is always good to think outside the box.


3 comments on “Car Scavenging In SHTF

  1. Brittius says:

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    I would think that if there is an EMP episode, or solar flare, an old diels Deuce-and-a-Half, with pneumatic starter, would be best, and have a line from tire-to-starter tank. I would go to supermarkets, and haul groceries. Probably make about $1K, per day (10 hours).
    Syphoning fuel, put the hose straight in the donor tank, open end pointing to the sky, the with thumb cover the hose opening and quickly pull out of tank and into your tank. If the hose has a large internal diameter, put the hose in the donor tank and bend the hose, crimping the folded end. Done it many times.Never put any fuel hose in your mouth. Have a rifle. Maybe two helpers. A “lunchbox” can be filled with scavenged goods as you go along your day.

    • Picked up an idea from William Forstchen’s book ‘The Final Day,’ where one group of survivors in the Appalachians found a semi that went off the road, loaded with tens of thousands of K-cups. They used the coffee for barter. K-cups are vacuum sealed and the coffee stays fresh; just cut them open and put in an old fashioned percolator. So now my preps include boxes of 100-count K-cups from Sam’s Club. Barter is good and coffee will be a hot item in grid down. Reading Selco’s posts confirms this in real life. I have not yet decided if I want to put back cigarettes, but feeding addictions could be quite lucrative.

      Speaking of gas, I keep extra Sta-Bil gas treatment on hand to prolong the life of or rejuvenate whatever gas I may be able to acquire. PRI is a commercial version and is supposed to be much better, but have not tried it yet. I keep 40 gallons of gas in 5 gal cans on hand, rotating them, adding Sta-Bil, and marking the date on the cans with a large Sharpie.

      • Brittius says:

        Sta-Bil will make the engine run a little rough, it did with my Harley and the Hummer. ProLong, smooths engines out. I normally run with Marvel Mystery Oil, in the crankcase and if added to fuel, I mix 2 ounces MMO to 10 gals fuel.

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