So You Wanna Be A Cop…


I can pretty much guarantee you that every LEO has a story about prisoners/inmates/suspects playing with poop.  Yep, a gun, a badge, all this glamour, and a paycheck.  It may not be the perfect life, but it’s close.


3 comments on “So You Wanna Be A Cop…

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    Don’t forget the body lice stories.

    • Yep, lice, scabies, all sorts of skin diseases, and just plain old crazy.

      • Brittius says:

        Stockpiling crap in their pants. Ambulance shows up, wrap them in a sheet like the mummy. People freak out when they hear that. Then at the hospital, doctor demand, “Remove the handcuffs! That is a man, not an animal”. Next thing after you warn the doctor, and he insists, and the cuffs come off, the doctor gets attacked. I stand back while the doctor gets tuned up, and security comes-a-running.
        What, people think we eat donuts all day?

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