Dirty Doctors

I saw a headline on Drudge the other day that said the US was short by 90,000 doctors.  Every time I’m in a clinic or hospital, I see loads of foreigners.  Some, I am sure, have good ethics and are well educated.  But even so, have their MD credentials allowed to enter the country un-vetted?  One wonders.

pedophile doctor



One comment on “Dirty Doctors

  1. Steve says:

    I work in the medical industry as a nurse/case manager. In the last couple of years, I’ve been asking myself, “where are the white male doctors?” I see a plethora of skilled doctors that I thank God are in this profession. But, there is a noticeable lack of male white doctors. There are females of any color, there are males from other countries, ie, India or Asian countries. But, the dearth of white males is palatable. Even male doctors from England or Australia; you don’t see them.
    Is this a problem? Yep, you betchya! The cause? The baby boomers, X, Y, Z generations and the milenials. ALL of those generations have created a flaccid male generation that has no “get up and go”. They are content to play video games and drink craft beers in their parents basements. They have no incentive or inclination to test their fortitude and skills in the real world. The drive and purpose of their lives have been stolen from them by an overindulgent parental attitude.
    And yes, the concern of whether these “foreign” docs are thoroughly vetted is very strong and spot on. BUT, I suspect, like anything that the government has a hand in, the vetting of these docs will be minimal at best. The government is aware that we don’t have enough docs. They are going to try to plug the gaps with a flimsy charade of “government oversight”.
    Once again, the “winners (?)” of this societal exercise of overindulgence will be the common joe schmo.


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