Using polarized light to locate the Sun when it is hidden from view.

Some days you get clouds.

Additional survival tricks

Using polarized light to locate the Sun hidden behind clouds.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Anti-glare polarizing sunglasses reduce horizontally polarized rays. They can also be useful in locating the Sun even when it is hidden from view by clouds or by the horizon. Locating the Sun enables determination of compass direction and time for navigation without any compass.

1. Basic information

Two walkie-talkies are in the best condition for communication when their two antennas are parallel and at right angle to their line of view. The electric waves traveling between them have their electric field parallel to the emitting antenna and the varying electric field is at right angle to the line of transmission. The electromagnetic waves is said to be polarized in the direction of the emitting antenna.

Light is…

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