Ignorant Of History

With our childish rich punks throwing tantrums and claiming discrimination, perhaps they need an education.  There were 5 black Medal of Honor recipients in the Civil War that put their lives on the line for the Old Glory.  Before our modern radios, the following troops looked to the flag to direct them in battle.  A soldier watched the flag and followed it.  So of course, a flag bearer was one of the most important men on the battlefield.  He didn’t carry a gun; he held the flag and followed beside the front-line commander of his unit to give direction to all the troops following.  This is the story of the first of those 5 MOH recipients, and due to his valor and his inspiration to the other soldiers black troops became accepted as the true and brave soldiers that they are.  I spit on the babies of the NFL, and revere this man instead.



The Massachusetts 54th, some of the finest to serve.

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