More Worries Than Zombies and Gangs

news manipulation

If the grid fails, we w ill be faced with pandemics of unbelievable proportions.  We are already seeing an increase on cases of reported diseases that had been wiped out a generation ago.  But the bleeding hearts and Marxists have brought the third world to us, with all its glorious diseases and troubles.  On top of that are the recent natural disasters that have created grid down scenarios, etc.  Be a good scout and be prepared.  For anything.

Of course, the MSM will keep us informed of anything we need to know, right?

Spineless RINO Ryan Makes Statement on Future of 2nd Amendment

A rino indeed

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Rep. Paul Ryan’s tenure as House speaker has been enough to make conservatives almost miss John Boehner. Until now, however, the key word in that formulation has been “almost.” Now, Speaker Ryan’s abdication of a major Second Amendment initiative proposed at the beginning of the 115th Congress could have many conservatives reaching for their editor’s pens and scratching out that one word.

In an interview with Armed American Radio last Thursday, Kentucky GOP Rep. Thomas Massie said the speaker is blocking a national concealed carry reciprocity bill that was introduced back in January.

Source: Spineless RINO Ryan Makes Statement on Future of 2nd Amendment

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Just A Little Fear Mongering

OMG, OMG, OMG!  The world is coming to an end, the sky is falling, lions and tigers and bears, oh my!  And you might shoot your eye out!  At least there was no mention of spiders.  Well, I guess you can either be well-informed or sane.  Your choice.

Oh, yeah, I forgot zombies.