Bullet Holes: An Interesting Perspective

There are so many points to examine on the Vegas shooting that it can be overwhelming.  But put on your thinking cap and your silliness-deflection cap (you know, the tin foil one) and take a stroll through the stink once more.  As I said on my very first post about Vegas, we will probably never know the truth; but it is always good to be informed.  You have to gather the info for yourself, consider its value, and make your own decisions.


news manipulation

Nukes Galore

nuclear explosion

It is silly to be a fear monger, particularly for a believer.  If it is your time to go, nothing you can do will postpone it, and if it is not your time to go, you are unbreakable until it is your time.  Stonewall Jackson had a solid grasp of this.

But, anyway, here is some interesting information about the different kinds of nuclear detonations an their effects.