If The Rope Fits, Hang Her

Finally, a voice of sanity speaking out for the rule of law.  Evidence, charges, trial, conviction, punishment.  That is the process.  Yeah, I left out the appeal process, but so what?  If the evidence is overwhelming, no appeals should be granted.

From The Washington Times:



Bullet Holes: An Interesting Perspective

There are so many points to examine on the Vegas shooting that it can be overwhelming.  But put on your thinking cap and your silliness-deflection cap (you know, the tin foil one) and take a stroll through the stink once more.  As I said on my very first post about Vegas, we will probably never know the truth; but it is always good to be informed.  You have to gather the info for yourself, consider its value, and make your own decisions.


news manipulation

Nukes Galore

nuclear explosion

It is silly to be a fear monger, particularly for a believer.  If it is your time to go, nothing you can do will postpone it, and if it is not your time to go, you are unbreakable until it is your time.  Stonewall Jackson had a solid grasp of this.

But, anyway, here is some interesting information about the different kinds of nuclear detonations an their effects.


Guilty, Guilty, Guilty.

First, you need a statute to violate.  Then you need evidence of the violation of said statute, and you need probable cause to show an individual violated the statute.  Next, a prosecutor needs to prefer charges and initiate a court case.  Finally, you need a trial of the facts and a conviction by a court of law.  Please note that Obama, Hillary, and a host of others have very obviously fulfilled all these requirements except for being charged and going to court, mostly for treason, but also for a multitude of other violations.

Saying that you believe a person has broken a law without being able to cite a law which was broken just makes you look stupid. Saying publicly that someone is guilty without being able to specify what, how, or when, is called libel, which IS a crime.  This is why the evening ‘snooze’ always refers to perpetrators as ‘alleged’ rapists, murderers, car thieves, etc, even when the prima facie evidence indicates they are guilty as hell:  They don’t want to get sued.  But in the political arena when left attacks right, such requirements as evidence are suspended, and allegations take their place.

  Honestly, I’m pretty sick of it.  If we had a real Constitutional judiciary, judges would be throwing out tons of cases for lack of merit and jailing huckster lawyers for bringing such trash into their courts.  Ah, that it were so.  I think this article says a lot about our current legal (not justice) system.  Note the following language from the article:  “Suggestions by lawyers.”  “Whatever these crimes are.”  And note the inference that anyone ‘indicted’ is already guilty.