Semi-Auto Rifles: Common for 100 Years: Mass Shooters, Not

Give Me Liberty

H/T AmmoLand.

I think this sums why mass shootings happen.

A movement away from a Christian society toward the new paganism, atheism, and agnosticism, where there are no absolute right or wrong actions, is often postulated.

Arizona -( Opponents of an armed population often claim that semi-automatic rifles are a new phenomena in the United States. That is false.

One of the first successful semi-automatic or self loading rifles was the Remington Model 8 above. It was patented in 1900 by John Moses Browning.

Commercial production started in 1906. It was a successful design, used in the hunting fields, in law enforcement, and had limited usage in the U.S. military. The model 8 was modified a bit in 1936 and become the model 81, which was produced until 1950.

You can see that some of the design features were copied in later designs such as the AK-47. The…

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