Another Survival Hack

Starting a fire in grid down with what you have on you?  How about the battery from your (now useless) cell phone?  Check this out:

Love this site.  Even if you take a lot of their articles tongue-in-cheek, it is fun to read.  Should be mandatory reading for all snowflakes and millennial men.

bare knuckle

Breaking My Heart

What a shame, what a shame!  Dirtbag terrorist shoots himself in the head.  I’m so broken up I can hardly eat my barbecue.  Then again, that there is a good burnt end sammich and I couldn’t care less about a stupid terrorist.  A cold beer would likely balance things out and keep my head on straight.  And wash down those burnt ends.  Unfortunately, my wife has me on  a strict diet as long as I am home-bound, so no alcohol for me.  In fact she is restricting my coffee intake.  Now THAT is really breaking my heart.  I miss my cup of Black Rifle every morning.

liberal-gunIf we are going to supply arms to terrorists, here is what I recommend.