Avoiding False Flag traps for witnesses

Trust no one, always watch your six.

Additional survival tricks

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Avoiding False Flag traps for witnesses.

At present time, False Flag Operations have become not rare. When authorities calling for witnesses after a terror attack, the good citizens have the tendency to help but they may bring harm onto themselves if the attack were actually organized by the authorities (Killing witness is then a possibility).

When a false flag attack is carried out by an authority, anyone with revealing evidence may get silenced or killed and respondents to calls for witnesses may bring harms to themselves.

1. Recognizing signs of false flag operations.
a/ The operation may be a Falae Flag one when authority UNREASONABLY requires any witness to provide his identity, address, when handing in video clips, photos. (While people handing in weapons during amnesty have not been required to supply names and addresses!).

b/ The attack…

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One comment on “Avoiding False Flag traps for witnesses

  1. Notwende says:

    I recall having read some very interesting website many years ago that provided excellent insight of how espionage and counterespionage works in our daily lives. How people are being spied upon, how they realize somebody is being spied upon, how the FBI or undercover LEO‘s ate tailing you when you’re driving in your car.
    In these days the information provided was state of the art, nowadays with all sorts of new technology it might be a bit outdated though.
    The name of the website was spycounterspy.com and I had the impression that the guys running it had professional background in that line of work.
    The site is long since closed but there’s the famous wayback machine that never forgets so some pieces of this site are still accessible:

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