You Can’t Take The Criminal Out Of The Terrorist Immigrant

As has been proven time and again (to the chagrin and denial of Socialists) you cannot reform criminals by supplying their needs.  They are still ;criminal bastards, and will continue to commit crimes until they are incarcerated or assume room temperature.  It is ingrained into their nature.  They do not want to reform.


Multiple Shooters Analysis Vindicated

I have intentionally stayed away from this incident due to the massive misinformation campaign and the many conspiracy theories, some of which seemed credible, others laughable.  But it looks like the information is finally coming together on what may have really happened.  We still don’t know it all.

tinfoil hat

Why Is The Left So Vile?

When Slick Willie was President, I didn’t like him, and I expressed my views on both his character and politics.  But I didn’t get nasty about it.  When Buck Ofama was the Pres, I absolutely abhorred his Marxist ways, but I never said out loud what I really thought of him.  However, the leftists in this country constantly belittle and malign those they disagree with in the nastiest terms.  Is this due to a lack of a large enough vocabulary to disagree respectfully?  Is it a lack of ability to rub 2 brain cells together and come up with a cogent thought?  One really has to wonder.

Then again, consider the source.

What Idiot Did This?

How can you be a sworn LEO if you are not even a citizen?  How did he pass his background check to be admitted to the academy?  How did he pass his background check to be hired?  Try that nonsense in any other country on the globe and they will throw you out on your ear.  Just more of little big O’s Marxist legacy.  And of course his traitor buddies in congress.


He still makes me sick.

Evidence? What Evidence?

nothing to see here

When I was in the academy, a lawyer teaching a class told us that if the FBI wanted you, they would manufacture evidence to get you.  This would include faking DNA (think CRSPR), planting drugs, planting child porn on your computer, and anything else they wanted to do.  Gestapo out of control!  So, of course, it comes as no surprise that they are destroying and suppressing evidence as a matter of daily operations, does it?

Where Have All The A-10’s Gone?

JTAC, A-10s train to maintain readiness

One of the greatest weapons platforms in the history of military flight is being sandbagged by our own military.  They have nothing to replace it.  Faulty thinking and a refusal to acknowledge realities of combat are giving us fast fighter/bombers that cannot fulfill the necessary role of close ground support, tank killers, etc.  Our forces need the A-10.  Period.


The most beautiful warthog you’ll ever see.