Are You Ready For Round 2?

The enemies of our liberties know that they have to keep the pressure on if they want to be successful in destroying our republic.  Be watchful!


Is The Narrative Unraveling?

Only if we keep exposing it.  Check out these 3 articles about the Marxist attacks on free speech.

Note the claim in this link that David Hogg’s video was recorded 4 hours before the shooting.  Just a coincidence, right?


More Parkland Weirdness

And we thought the narratives from the Las Vegas shootings were convoluted.  The conflicting stories sure make me think that there is something funny here.  Just like Vegas, we will never know the truth.  The nanny state will tell us what they want us to hear, and it sure won’t be the real facts.


news manipulation

FBI Tipster Transcript

It is going to take years for the FBI to regain a good reputation.  Just like in your personal life, it only takes 1 screw-up to destroy years of good character.  And unfortunately, federal feral law enforcement has been doing its best for quite some time to hang themselves with irresponsibility and violations of their oaths.

Treating Infections Grid Down

When TSHTF you will need to know how to be your own medic, or you can die.  Pretty simple.  Becoming part of a group to survive is important, and while your preps (food, guns, ammo, etc.) can be taken from you, skills cannot.  So make yourself valuable.