Lessons From Around The World


Our gubmint and corporate leaders have their heads in the sand when it come to power outages.  The doomsday scenario of an EMP or CME are quite popular in modern fiction, but other things can cause power failures.  A lightning strike in Brazil created a nightmare scenario.  Keep your EDC up to date and ready, and never go anywhere without it.  Be prepared at home and teach the family how to cope with emergency situations, and what to expect if the grid goes down.  Always remember:  A good scout is prepared.  At all times.  For anything.

disaster warning


RoR | DOJ Has Been Quietly Prosecuting Hate Crimes. Here Are 5 Big Cases

Of course we hear crickets from the MSM.



One sided and malicious prosecutions against white supremacists, while there are too many crimes ignored by persons other than, white. USDOJ remains a cowardly institution preying only on those dictated by political correctness. That is not enforcement of laws. That, is pushing a Marxist ideal.

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How Stupid Can You Be?


Should not be taken as a challenge.  But apparently these kids thought it was.  Make a horrible example of them and maybe their peers will learn.  Had a cop or (God forbid!) an armed civilian shot one of these little turds (with good reason), the kids would have been totally exonerated for their crimes and the defender of the public would take full blame.


Politicians Just Don’t Get It

kitchen knives

Either politicians are incredibly dense or they are career criminals.  Nothing else explains it.  They want increased stop and search powers, restrictions on kitchen knives(!), and of course more protections for the criminal class to ply their trade.  Don’t you dare defend yourself if you are attacked!  This article is amazing.  Read it all.


Put down that steak and up against the wall, chef Jacques!