Real G-Men

I’ve poked a lot of barbs at the FBI, particularly since Comey the Clown’s shenanigans made the agency look foolish and corrupt.  But I still have respect for the agents that are doing their jobs and live by a code of ethics.  I am so glad to be able to post something good about my brothers and sisters working the for the federal government.  May God protect them and give them the strength to fight the corruption surrounding them.


Let’s Take Your Car

nuclear explosion

There is a lot of hype, speculation, and varying studies on how vehicles will react to an EMP or CME.  Apparently nobody really knows.  But you have to be aware and have some sort of plan in place, even if Plan A doesn’t work.  Think about it and decide what you can do to help yourself.

A Good Scout Is Prepared


Be a Good Scout.  A Good Scout is prepared… for anything.

OK, we’ve got beans, bullets, and bandaids, what next?  You just never know…  A good gas mark or particulate mask is mighty handy.  Look on the web and you’ll find some surgical-type masks with carbon filtration.  Pretty nifty.