4 comments on “How Stupid Can You Be?

  1. Brittius says:

    Reblogged this on .

  2. Notwende says:

    Obviously there’s no limit to stupidity…

  3. Comrade Obama says:

    The comments indicated the degree of stupidity common with people today. Yeah the cops were dull, but why broadcast your life to strangers?

    • I think those that use social media realize that they should be careful in what they post, but don’t realize how innocent things can hang you. I have lots of FB friends in my department and many of the ladies post food pics and their recipes, particularly around the holidays. But it is also amazing what people post that is over the line, such as death threats and promises of violence. I realize that the SJW’s and leftists get a free pass when they threaten conservatives, but I see a lot of ‘conservatives’ that don’t have a brain in their head making statements of violence in reference to the protected classes (liberal morons).

      But you are absolutely right about sharing too much info with strangers. There is so much wrong with social media that if we started in about it we would never end.

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