Why Is He Allowed Out In Public?


Spoiled punk vandal gets owned and screams like a little girl when he gets pushed down.  His victim absorbed multiple punches before taking out the trash.  If the kid keeps this crap up he’ll end up shot to death and there will be no witnesses.  Just what he deserves. 



Because you can make a feeling illegal?

Coming to a country near you.

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

Oh, but only when white people do it, right? Then aren’t the police guilty of hate crimes? Because their motive is to punish a white person for doing one thing but no other group?

Equality under the law is dead, buried, dug up, raped and put on display.

justice is no longer blind but carries a microscope.

What you hypothetically might feel according to the psychics of the British Establishment can and will be used to put you in prison or with a criminal record.

Meanwhile, rape gets you off almost with nothing.

History will not smile on the little Hitlers coming up with this suppression.

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