New News About Old News

tin foil hat society

The Vegas shooting is old news, but some people are still digging away at it.  Here are 2 recent articles touching on the subject.  Make of it what you will.

When an FOIA request is denied, it sure looks like something is being covered up.

Here is another take on the shooting timeline and number of shooters:

2 comments on “New News About Old News

  1. There’s several things that “ain’t right” about the Vegas massacre, and the investigation.
    I’ve come to the conclusion that it WAS ISIS, just as they claimed…
    Or an arms deal or “sting” gone wrong…
    Or he was a crazy liberal murderer…
    The official narrative that it was a reasonably wealthy gambler who “snapped” and then planned a military style mission for months, and then left no clue, no “manifesto,” no note to tell people what the point was or why he felt driven to do it…makes NO sense.
    Plus, the weirdness that surrounds the event…People warned in advance, the rifle across his leg in the “death photo” and the rounds on top of his blood, the guy on top of the motor home, the entry crew saying that no windows were broken and referencing several more females listed in his room…and more.
    It doesn’t add up.

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