Carry All The Time

Law abiding citizens

ALL THE TIME!  Don’t leave home without it.  In fact, it is normal for me to have my G-19 on my hip when sitting in the recliner reading.  And I don’t do yard work unarmed.  Paranoid?  Nah, just a realist.  I live in a ‘good’ neighborhood, but nothing says goblins or mentally disturbed people cannot enter my neighborhood.  So, I am a good scout and am prepared to defend myself and others at all times.  Are you a good scout?

Got Water?

We take water for granted, yet it is essential to life.  We go to the kitchen sink and let it run until it is cold enough for us then drink 1 glass after wasting so much.  If you are prepping (and if you aren’t, Why Not?) one thing you cannot do without is a really good water filter for long term, and cases of bottled water for short term.  Just ask some hurricane survivors that sheltered in place about having drinkable water.