Thoughts On Pittsburg

Another tragic false flag committed by a left wing loon.  Of course since he converted from long-time Democrat to Republican in 2016 and was photographed wearing a red MAGA ball cap, the narrative that the media is pushing is that he is a violent Trump supporter.  Figures.  news manipulation

I happened to be flipping channels this morning looking for an old movie to occupy my time while grabbing a bit to eat, and caught the shooting story  before the subject was taken into custody.  What the reporter on scene was saying was quite revealing of the MSM mindset.  He was telling the audience “I’m not sure what I have here yet…” as though he (or his network) owned the situation or possibly that he had been sent to report a story that was going to be unfolded according to a specific agenda to be reported just so.  He went on to assert that the shooter had hostages and that he was going to kill them all before it was all over.  He was very sure of himself.  He also said that the responding LEO’s would have to use snipers to kill the shooter.    The reporter repeated that scenario twice.  Interesting what you hear on raw news feeds before the spinners get hold of it.  Anyway, just thought I’d pass that little tidbit on.

what we want you to think

Gee, ya think this, the bombs, and the caravan and all the other distractions have anything to do with the upcoming midterm elections?  Nah, surely not.  The violent, lying, leftists wouldn’t stoop so low, would they?


Make sure you do your duty and vote for the rule of law, but even more important, pray daily for the Republic and for it’s decent people.  And pray for those who do not understand the tremendous blessing they have to live under the US Constitution to grasp how good they really have it.

And when all else fails…


The Number One Rule

cat tinfoil

of Krav Maga and many other combative teachings is :  Situational Awareness.  In other words, see trouble coming and avoid it.  And so, during times of unrest like riots, after storms (tornado, hurricane, etc.) you need to plan ahead not only where you will go, but where you won’t go.  In many semi-preppers’ minds, they think they can wait until TSHTF and then loot the market and WalMart.  Don’t count on it.