Know About Your Ammo

Me, I have to carry department-approved ammo in my off duty gun.  Right now that is Hornady Critical Duty (NOT critical defense).  Seems like good stuff.  It’s +P so you wouldn’t want to shoot it in a cheap handgun.  Our training department spends a lot of time researching so I don’t need to.  Not that I haven’t done research on pistol ammo, but most of my research has been on 5.56 and 7.62×39.  Get off your butt and start checking this stuff out before you buy your next 1,000 rounds.  You are buying in bulk, aren’t you?

2 comments on “Know About Your Ammo

  1. Check this 7.62X39…

    For barriers and bears, I like the 154 grain soft point, and I really like this AK for $500-600…

    Stay safe, Deputy.

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