United Socialist America…You Ready For It?  The 4 Ways They Are Chaining Up Our Liberty While Laughing In The Face Of Our Freedom!  

Justus Knight News


It is not often I veer away from technology as a point of discussion on my broadcast.  There are two topics however that are always assured to gain my ire and attention…Socialism and Globalism!  These are the Anti-America sentiments of our modern day world.  Sentiments that use to remain overseas but now permeate the very walls of Capitol Hill.

These Socialist / Globalist Cabal demons laugh in the very face of our Liberty and spew concepts of repressive failed Governments of the World.  They target our majority classes and sell them the snake oil salesmen promises of a better future and equal pay, rights, and liberties.  In actuality, they are selling them the end of America.  The scary part of this story, however, is that we are letting them, electing them into Congress and Senate and now they are even running for President.

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