“It wasn’t a fair fight!”

I agree with the Writer in Black. He nails it.

The Writer in Black

This is one of the most ridiculous arguments I have seen in the wake of a self defense shooting.  The home invader or mugger runs into a victim that’s armed with a gun or even a (gasp!) “assault weapon” and ends up leaving the scene horizontally.  Family member or other “loved one” of the criminal is trotted out to get all weepy and complain that the putative victim’s being armed made it “unfair.”

An example in a case a couple of years ago where an Oklahoma man used an AR15 to kill three home invaders.  The invaders were teens: 16, 17, and 18 years old.  Much was made of the invaders ages as though a 16 year old criminal can’t be a serious threat or that being 16 while breaking into someone’s house made his life more valuable than that of the homeowner’s son literally in his own home minding…

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