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State Of The Union

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We are under attack from every side by Marxists, Muslims, and Morons.  People that have no idea of truth, or history, or how anything works, or are just plain haters of the republic.  God help us.









Remember; the Somalis were the ones that after we tried to feed them and free them from the tyranny of their warlords, killed our soldiers and dragged their naked and mutilated bodies through their streets.  Remember Blackhawk down?




You Are Either A Prepper Or A Future Victim? The act of learned helplessness is the only thing many people know today and that will lead to a reduced chance of survival for many depending on the event

Remember, your choices have consequences.

USA Alternative

The recent disasters around the world have shown most people are ill prepared for sudden disruptions to normal life.

Simply having supplies piled up in preparation for some occurrence is not enough to insure your survival. There are several other things you must keep in mind and balance out among your preparations.

You must imagine the potential catastrophic possibilities
You must prepare yourself mentally to deal with whatever happens
You must have knowledge of how best to employ your resources
You need to use your imagination to think outside the box
You must be able to improvise, adapt and overcome obstacles
You must have a flexible plan to guide you

Many people have spewed hateful rhetoric at preppers over the years and today some are finding themselves in dire circumstances as infrastructure and supplies are cut off for an indefinite period of time. Those unprepared individuals have few options and…

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SHTF Extravaganza

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Lots of links to good articles that will give you ideas about how to survive the liberal apocalypse.  Or any other apocalypse for that matter.  Even if you have plans in place and are stocked up on the ‘3 B’s’ it never hurts to think it all through again.  And never forget that no plan survives first contact with the enemy.

Hat tip to SurvivalDan for so many good posts.








Self Defense Ammunition

Some good advice from Walter at MPCS.

Midwest Pistol Combat Systems

There are a lot of considerations to make in choosing ammunition for your concealed carry or home defense handgun. One thing that should definitely not be up for debate is that you definitely want good quality, reliable self defense ammunition. For most guns this means dedicated hollow point ammunition, although there are some exceptions. So here we go!

.38 SPL- The old .38 is a time tested caliber that dates all the way back to the 19th century, but is still relevant and effective today. As a matter of fact .38 was originally load with black powder. This was a pretty common LE caliber for a long time. .38 SPL. definitely lacks the punch of 9mm, but if your gun can handle +P ammo this can help. There are some modern expanding self defense loads out there. One deficiency of the .38 is a lack of penetration and velocity compared…

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