The 50 cal ammo can

I love 50 cal ammo cans. Here is another great use for them.

Reverend Bow's 11 Meter Ministry

Thought this project fell by the wayside?

No So…

The Version 1.0 is the Anytone Smart CB and a QYT KT-8900 VHF/UHF, External speaker, USB Power Ports x2, Volt Meter, Anderson Power Pole power inputs, and a 40mm, 5 CFM Fan to move some air in the box

The CNC faceplate didn’t work out… The cuts are not square, nor are the holes where I asked for them… and the radio cutouts are either too large, or too small…
So I went old school: table saw, Jig saw, and drill…


Got it all crammed in there… built it free standing


Snug fit in the box


Recessed for the mics to lay on top




Using a basic RS Scanner/2m/70cm antenna in my garage attic at 12′ AGL, full quieting into a repeater about 120 miles to the north west

That will work…

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Reverend Bow’s Little….. Radio

Comms are an essential part of survival.

Reverend Bow's 11 Meter Ministry

Anytone Smart CB(a.k.a. Albrecht AE-6110, CRT ONE)

First, I want to say thank you to Simon The Wizard for his BLOG Posts on this radio, which convinced me to give one of these a try.

The Anytone Smart CB has got to be the most interesting little critter to hit the market in years: Sure, it doesn’t have SSB, and it is only 4 or 8 watts of Carrier, but come on, it is SMALL. Normally, a radio without SSB doesn’t even get my interest, but what the hell…

I ordered a pair of these radios, one for me, and one for a friend that wants to get into the radio hobby without breaking the bank. Here they are, fresh off the Brown Truck… (For Reference, the Knife’s total length is about 7 1/2″)

01 Boxes

Lets take a look at these little critter and see what it is all…

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