Reverend Bow’s Little….. Radio

Comms are an essential part of survival.

Reverend Bow's 11 Meter Ministry

Anytone Smart CB(a.k.a. Albrecht AE-6110, CRT ONE)

First, I want to say thank you to Simon The Wizard for his BLOG Posts on this radio, which convinced me to give one of these a try.

The Anytone Smart CB has got to be the most interesting little critter to hit the market in years: Sure, it doesn’t have SSB, and it is only 4 or 8 watts of Carrier, but come on, it is SMALL. Normally, a radio without SSB doesn’t even get my interest, but what the hell…

I ordered a pair of these radios, one for me, and one for a friend that wants to get into the radio hobby without breaking the bank. Here they are, fresh off the Brown Truck… (For Reference, the Knife’s total length is about 7 1/2″)

01 Boxes

Lets take a look at these little critter and see what it is all…

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