High-Tech Nightmares


Those of us that are ‘woke’ know that we live in a surveillance society.  But what happens when the authorities get it wrong?  And consider the CG masters can fake a video if they want to frame you.  This is double-plus ungood.



Shoot And Move

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Get off the X.  That is how one survives a gunfight.  And it can apply to a larger conflict.  SELCO tells us about the importance of Strategy and Mobility.  There’s an old saying about how a wise man is prepared to abandon his luggage more than once while traveling.  Your strategy should include the possibility (probability) that you  may have to run for your life taking little or nothing with you.  You also need to consider fall back positions, secondary routes and meet up points.  Also, study the idea and practicality of caching items along a likely travel route.  And remember that no plan survives first contact with the enemy (or reality).  Anyway, here’s SELCO’s voice of experience.


Remain Calm And Check Your Zero

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There are several different ways to ‘battle’ zero your rifle.  Here is some info that may be useful.  When we zeroed our M16’s back in the early 70’s with the issued 55gr projectile, the formula we used was:

25 yards – 1 inch low.  This yielded 5.6 inches high at 100 yards and dead on at 250 yards.  This was the Army method.  I don’t know what the other services were using, but I understand that current Marine Corp zero allows for shots out to 600 meters with the ACOG.  I expect that with a Mil-dot optic that would work for any projectile-launching platform.  Again, back in the day we zeroed for a 55gr bullet, so the new green tips would require some tweaking.  Anyway, here is some info I recently ran across on the web.


The Riotgun And The Bayonet

Shotguns are wonderful tools.

Mason Dixon Tactical


I was asked the other day if I thought a semi auto rifle like the AR or AK was a good “Anti riot” gun. My response was that although either of those rifles would do fine, I was a bigger fan of the 12 gauge shotgun, specifically one designed with an extended magazine, rifle sights, and is designed to mount a bayonet.

The individual started laughing and said “I don’t see myself doing a bayonet charge, Sarge.” To which I replied, “Do you know of any other firearm that is designed for close in defense, can fire non lethal ammo like rubber balls, pepper dust, or pepper balls in the same repeatable way you can with lethal ammo, can accurately hit and drop a man sized target at 100 meters, and can immediately and effectively disable a vehicle engine with accurate hits?” His answer was “No.”.

Is the shotgun the…

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Another Illegal Alien Serial Killer

The Tactical Hermit

Alleged serial killer, a Kenyan man in the US illegally, is charged in multiple Dallas-area deaths

In the military we used to say “All Safety Regulations are written in Blood” in other words, it took somebody getting killed for the Brass to realize “Hey, maybe we should change our safety policies!”

The same goes for Immigration reform in this country. How many innocent people have to die before we realize that the Immigration system in this country is broken and we need more than just a Wall?

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

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