Got Opinions?

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I have been thinking for a while that I would like to get another rifle.  Why?  Why not?  Since I carried an M16 A2 in the infantry, and I’ve put together several AR15’s, I am comfortable with operating that platform.  So my choice is leaning towards an AR10 in 7.62 NATO. 

Being the cheapskate that I am, I started looking at what I could get for the least cash without buying junk.  Palmetto State Armory’s PSA rifle is the cheapest, but there were some things I read about it that didn’t thrill me.  My youngest son (often my partner in crime) is highly enamored of Aero Precision, and built his AR15 from all A P parts with MagPul furniture end to end.  Heck of a rifle that kid has.  The Aero starts around $1400.  But for the cash available and the positive reviews, I think I’m going for a DPMS Oracle LR308. 

I won’t go into all the reasoning for this choice, as I’m not trying to persuade anyone that I’m right, or even know what I’m doing for that matter.  But I’m throwing this out for comments, and hoping that one of my readers has some personal experience with the LR308.  Please chime in with your thoughts. 

Thanks, The Deputy.

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