The Backpacker’s Woodstove

Don’t eat cold food.

Mason Dixon Tactical

When planning for a worst case scenario, many things have to be taken into account. One of your primary considerations is how you will cook your food and heat/boil water. Heating your living space is also a consideration in cold weather, but the first two considerations are an “All year round” proposition.

Recently, I purchased a wood stove made by Firebox. The model I purchased was the G2 Folding Firebox Stove. Along with it, I also bought the Extended Grill Plate. Why did I purchase a small woodburning stove? The answer is pretty simple when you think it through. My primary stove has been an MSR Whisperlite International for about 28 years. It is a multifuel stove, works well in every environment I’ve used it in, and has the ability to use a lot of the liquid fuels available. Problem is, what if liquid fuels aren’t available?

I know…

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Some Airgun Options For The Survivalist

Mason Dixon Tactical

When I was a youngster, I received an airgun for my eighth birthday, and it became the central focus for many an adventure that I went on during that time in my life. I learned to hunt with that air rifle, long before I ever carried a real firearm in the field, and I know that is true for many others of you out there. My Daisy 840 and me were inseparable, and the worst punishment in the world at that time, was to get my BB gun taken away. In this post I’m going to discuss two airguns that I have, and what they are used for.

Years ago I had decided that there are two reasons why I would have airguns in my inventory and those were training, and hunting small game. Fast forward to a few years ago. At that time I was looking at preps for…

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I Wish I Understood this Before I Started Farming! (Why Permaculture ≠ Farming) — Lillie House – Transformative Adventures

Going hungry is no fun.

Additional survival tricks

“The opposite of a bad idea is rarely a good idea, it’s usually just another bad idea.” In America’s frantic and polarized culture, this axiom is one of my favorite thinking tools. It’s an oldie-but-goodie that’s being re-popularized by John Michael Greer. Lately, I’ve been sharing a lot of negative-sounding research and perspectives on the […]

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Quick fire making using sunlight.

Fire means survival.

Additional survival tricks

Quick fire making using sunlight.

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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You may already have in your possession some excellent lenses for making fires. Knowing about them will help you make fire quickly from sunlight when facing an emergency. All lenses described in this blog can make a cigarette smoulder in less than 30 seconds and can light up that cigarette afterwards.

1. Concentration of radiating heat flux by a lens.

The radiating heat flux from the Sun is concentrated by a factor C given by

C = Pi*d*d/(Pi*f*a*f*a) =

C = (d/f)*(d/f)*(1/a)*(1/a).

where d and f are respectively the diameter and focal length of the lenses and a is the angular diameter of the…

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Finding North with a lensatic compass

Know Where You Are…And how to get home.

Additional survival tricks

Finding North with a lensatic compass

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Finding North with a lensatic compass.

A magnetic compass uses the local magnetic field generated by the rotating core of the earth to give the rotational axis of the earth. The two directions are reasonably close.

The magnetic compass is a secondary directional instrument to people who can observe celestial bodies for navigation but is a primary practical directional instrument to people who work under the forrest canopy or underground and cannot observe any Celestial body. (Gyro-compasses are too expensive for most people).

This blog shows how to use lensatic compasses to their full capability.

1. Basic operation (working with Magnetic and True Norths).

Magnetic Declination

Figure: True North, Magnetic North and…

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Being on the Defense Versus Being on the Attack — The Tactical Hermit

WATCH: Woman Opens Fire, Shoots Attackers in Pennsylvania Walmart This incident is a good lesson to Armed Citizens everywhere. First, it is important to point out that although the MULTIPLE attackers were UNARMED, legally, a person has the right to use DEADLY FORCE when they are OUTNUMBERED or a DISABILITY or AGE puts them […]

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Online Firearms Safety Course — tacticalprofessor

I just completed the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan POlice Department Online Firearms Safety Training Course. It’s actually well done and informative. There are a few parts particular to D.C. laws but other than that, nothing odious. The animations are generally well done and informative for newcomers to firearms ownership. The course took me about half an […]

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Manly Things

bare knuckle

A few years back my youngest son’s youth group went through a book titled ‘Do Hard Things.’  Doing the right thing, the manly thing, the lady-like thing, the righteous thing, may not be easy, but you will be glad you persevered.  Teach your children to persevere.  Real men are always gentlemen, and real ladies are always ladies.  This article is from the ‘Babylon Bee’ which spoofs modern culture (or the lack of it) and religion.  Enjoy:  The Bee is good stuff.