2 comments on “Getting Tougher To Be A Sheepdog

  1. Steve says:

    Good morning. I haven’t seen your site for a bit…..seems like you don’t post like ya used to…..but thats ok…..sometimes life needs to be tended to.
    A quick comment on the title of this post…….boy howdy; aint that the truth. Getting tired of being the sheepdog. You hit the nail on the head for me.
    I used to think that my life, all my comments to workers, or my posting to the book of face would help……nope, just seems to gender an opposite reaction in folks. Kinda like the kid that tries to touch the hot stove; sometimes you just have to stop warning ’em and let ’em get hurt. Maybe THAT will get them to learn.
    I’m at the point that as of today, I only have 807 days before I retire. I’ve started to look for land for my compound and am educating myself on gardening techniques for Texas. I also, am involved in my grandchildrens lives and have subtly been inculcating some truths into their noggins.
    I realize that I can’t be concerned about the “world” and can only affect my immediate sphere. I am using the Old Testament as an example of how a “common thread” of righteous folks ran through the Jewish nation . That righteous thread was all that was needed for G-D to save that nation from their destructive ways. Maybe I can spark that common thread in my descendants.
    Anywho, blessings to you and yours. And rest assured that the end is near.


    • Yep, Steve, the amputation really slowed me down. I seem to get worn out way too quickly, and there is so much to do. I got a little burned out on the blog but I want to get back into it. I enjoy hearing from people that said they learned something from the old deputy. I’ve got 13 months until I can retire, and I’m looking forward to it. Might blog more, or I just might shoot and fish, maybe teach firearms classes again.

      I also have returned to the OT and the teachings of the Torah. So much simpler than playing the churchianity game. And so much to learn. I would like to get back into music ministry, but we’ll see what YHVH has in mind for me . So, be dangerous and stay safe. And may you be blessed abundantly beyond your wildest expectations.

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