Building a Slim Jim antenna

More help on comms.

Midwest Pistol Combat Systems

IMG_0783As you can see the slim jim antennas and some coax are a very light and compact addition to a bug out bag.

I  built a couple of roll up Slim Jim antennas here recently. I figure I’d go over what went into making them. The slim jim is a type of J pole antenna. It is called a J Integrated Matching antenna and it is Slim, hence Slim Jim! Whether or not the 1/2 wave matching element makes a significant difference in performance is the subject of some claims and debate. I’d tend to line up with the notion that it really makes little to no significant performance. I have a 1-2″ copper pipe J pole I use for 1.25m about 12 feet up and it seems outperform the ladder line antennas. The slim jims are neat because of the portablity. They are not an optimal antenna for permanent…

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