Building a Slim Jim antenna

More help on comms.

Midwest Pistol Combat Systems

IMG_0783As you can see the slim jim antennas and some coax are a very light and compact addition to a bug out bag.

I  built a couple of roll up Slim Jim antennas here recently. I figure I’d go over what went into making them. The slim jim is a type of J pole antenna. It is called a J Integrated Matching antenna and it is Slim, hence Slim Jim! Whether or not the 1/2 wave matching element makes a significant difference in performance is the subject of some claims and debate. I’d tend to line up with the notion that it really makes little to no significant performance. I have a 1-2″ copper pipe J pole I use for 1.25m about 12 feet up and it seems outperform the ladder line antennas. The slim jims are neat because of the portablity. They are not an optimal antenna for permanent…

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Quansheng UV-R50 vs. Baofeng

Good comms can be life savers. Make sure comms are part of your prepping.

Midwest Pistol Combat Systems

So what I’ve got here today is another dual band handy talkie HT, the Quansheng UV-R50. You’ve doubtless heard of the ubiquitous Baofeng dual band HT’s and if you’re familiar at all with them you’ll feel right comfortable with the R50. At first glance you might be thinking that this IS a Baofeng, it looks remarkably similar to a UV5R. Turning it on, hearing the voice and looking at the display only reinforce this, they are exactly the same. The Quansheng really is however a different radio. The keypad layout is different, and more logical. The body of the radio is a little wider, by about 1/4 in. To me, this radio seems a little higher quality than the Baofengs. The charger feels very light, just like brand B, but the R50 seems to snap into place better than any B charger I’ve used. The charger doesn’t interchange with any…

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Pioneer Food

Our country’s pioneer didn’t have a fancy diet, but they certainly did amazing things on the energy foods they ate.  My Grandpa grew up on the plains of North Dakota, lived in a sod house (more of a hut) and drove a team of horses for a living.  He used to make some amazing food.  One of my favorites was corn dodgers.  Not much more than fried corn meal with water and salt.  If you’re an older person like me you might remember John Wayne eating corn dodgers in the movie ‘True Grit.’  But a bag of those and some jerky and water and you were eating well.  Google corn dodgers and you will find a wealth of recipes.  Easier to make than pemmican, too.

Image result for pics of corn dodgers

Our buddy Survival Dan does it again with this post:

Food Shortages

Image result for pics of flooded farm fields

My father is in a nursing home about an hour away from my house, and in visiting him weekly I get to see corn, hay, and soybean fields that I have watched for my whole life.  Some corn and bean fields are finally coming around, but the late or no planting has really taken a toll.  Prepare for higher food bills and possible shortages.  Think about putting in a garden and maybe raising meat rabbits.  I ate a lot of rabbit (both domestic and wild) when I was young, and it really does taste like chicken.

Grow It Yourself

tomato pots

It seems that our food supply is becoming less safe all the time.  So let’s start growing our own.  Since I lost my leg, I just can’t do as much in the yard as I used to.  So instead of tilling a garden spot this year, we bought a bunch of large planters and put veggies in them.  Not as many as I would like, but much better tasting than store-bought.  Apartment dweller?  Got a balcony?  Window flower box?  Maybe you won’t be harvesting tons of food, but every little bit helps.  And what you grow on your own will likely be head and shoulders above grocery store  produce in nutrition and taste.

I do recommend using heirloom seeds and plants.  The difference?  Hybrids don’t usually reproduce true to species.  The old seeds our great grandparents used WILL reproduce exactly what you grew.  You can buy a big tin of heirloom non-GMO seeds on Amazon for under $20.  Such cans of seeds will keep for years, so you can buy several and put them back.  This is $15.95 on Amazon.

Survival Garden 15,000 Non GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Survival Garden 32 Variety Pack by Open Seed Vault

One very serious consideration is that it will take you about 3 years to develop a decent garden that can sustain you.  But get started now.  Build some raised beds, a small hoop house, some cold frames, etc.  Don’t procrastinate, do it now!

Everything You Know Is Wrong


While this was the title of a comedy album in the early ’70’s, it is quickly becoming truth.  Fingerprints can be forged, DNA can be phonied, digital images can make anything happen.  And this is just the beginning.  All these types of ‘evidence’ can be planted to make you guilty of crimes which you did not commit.  And crime prediction a la ‘minority report’ science (?) is already here.