Where Am I?

map and compass

A line from a 70’s comedy album went something link this:  ‘And he came unto his mother’s brother’s sister’s servant’s house, saying ‘Where am I?’  And there was no one there to answer him, yea, not no one.’


Navigation is one of those essential skill everyone needs.  It can help you get out of a bad situation, or help you get to a better  place.  Years ago, I got involved in a local orienteering club so that I could help teach my Boy Scout troop navigation skills.  OF course, this was before Scouts was emasculated and turned into a pile of crap.  But the point is that you can find help to learn and practice important skills.  I also remember Infantry training at Ft. Polk La where we learned to navigate by compass and coordinates.  My squad came in first (and therefore made it to the chow line first) because we worked together and our scout would sprint to the next visible compass reference point, from which he would then shoot a new bearing and wait for the next sprinter to overtake him and become the next reference point.

map and compass 2

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