Communication Skills Are Vital

covert comms

Remember the Revolutionary War flag that depicted a snake in multiple pieces with the words “Unite of Die?”  That was true of the colonies, and it is true on a smaller scale for like-minded groups of people.  Good comms are a must.

Groupthink From The MSM





Move along folks, nothing to see here.

More lies and misdirection from our media watchdogs  sleeping dogs.  Now I understand more about the phrase ‘let sleeping dogs lie.’  That is what our media is doing:  Sleeping and Lying.

I remember when the kids were young, one of them had a hard time being totally truthful.  Not telling outright lies, but leaving out important facts.  I had to explain to them that not telling the whole truth was the same as lying.  Media lies.


Kinder, Gentler, Deader

Marxists are always trying to disarm not only the public, but law enforcement.  Gandhi said that if someone was shooting at you it made sense to shoot back.  Proposed legislation like this would be funny if it’s proponents were not serious about it.  These folks don’t want law enforcement, they want Keystone Kops and Gestapo.  Idiots!


Choose wisely…