Protecting Their Own

juvenile delinquents

Liberals are working to protect their supporters and those that think like they do (Communists).  Anything to disarm American citizens that won’t fall into the lockstep and same-think that they use to promote Marxism.

And the obvious take-away from this is:  Never give up your guns!

2 comments on “Protecting Their Own

  1. red harris says:

    dems are the enemy/commies a vote for them is a vote to take our country down . not as long we have the costitution.

    • I agree, but have to add that the current crop of RINO politicians are just as corrupt, just not as open about it. Two wings of the same bird. I have been a life-long Republican, but some of their actions of the last few years has made me re-think that. I suppose I align closest with the Constitution party, but until enough people educate themselves on the Founding Fathers and the Constitution they gave us, we’re stuck with a 2 party system; corrupt on both sides.

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