Surviving Knife Attacks


Rule 1:  Avoidance.  Never let down your guard and practice situational awareness at all times.

Rule 2:  Carry a firearm and know how to use it.  Pray that rule 1 keeps the bad juju away from you.

But here are some tips from The Organic Prepper.  Pay attention!

Morality Informs Your Actions


The good guys (sheepdogs) base their actions on their morals.  I think back to my black belt oath that required standing up for the older, the weaker, the less fortunate.  Never using your skill to intentionally harm another person.  These ethics hold true no matter what you are doing, as a professional or just a plain Joe.  Stay away from things that are intrinsically evil.  Like Marxism. 

Pacifism is a refuge for the weak and simple minded.  When being open minded and charitable fails, it’s time to do what is necessary. 

black flag - Mencken

Holden Knives; A Review

Keep your eyes open for a chance to pick up a Holden. Looks like a worthy addition to any collection.


One very good looking attractive knife!

The idea for this knife ? Would it survive the ruggedness of hunting season?

After farming and ranching for much of my life, we moved to a smaller parcel still very rural but not really set up for animals type location. Water is everywhere on this property with a creek, several springs and a twenty acre lake within walking distance. Perfect for hunting and fishing, maybe even forging my own someday,

Jerry Holden knows his steels and after some trials he settled on AEB-L Steel for this particular knife. If you don’t know about this steel let me just say that it’s a great steel for knives. High Carbon content and some Chromium with a little manganese, phosphorus, Sulphur and a pinch of silicon if your looking for a good recipe. Originally used for razor blades it takes a fine edge, resists corrosion and…

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Case Rough Black Trapper-Lock

Case has been making great tools for years.


By Steve Hanner

History, What is in a name?

Let’s start with this from the Case website:

“The story behind Case’s Rough Black pocket knives begins in the 1940’s with the advent of World War II, when many raw materials used to produce consumer goods were diverted to support the war effort. Materials traditionally used to make pocket knife handles were no exception. A race to market knives with new, never-before-seen materials ensued between competing knife manufacturers. In that search, Case product developers came upon a hard black synthetic material which demonstrated high durability, strength and overall appeal. A special jigging pattern was applied to the material surface to create the unique “Rough Black” knife handle slabs. The knives that resulted became known as “Gum Fuddy” knives at Case, a nickname quickly adopted by the consumer market as sales of Rough Black knives grew. Case phased out production of…

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Ya Think A Wall Might Help?

fence climbing

I dream of a day when we will return to the rule of law.  Equally administered to all without regard for status, heritage, poverty, or wealth.  Yes, I am a dreamer.  We sure need something to keep these criminals out.  And a way to get rid of the ones the America-hating Marxists have let in to destroy the Republic from within.