Little Fishies

blue gill

Fishermen joke about Blue Gills:  If they weighed 5 pounds they’d be a danger to water skiers.  Well, they are very aggressive, and a load of fun to catch on an ultralite rig.  I gave up fishing when the kids were small and did not have much interest in it, but I’m retiring this year, and I intend to start fishing again.  Blue Gill, Red Eared Sunfish, Crappie, and Bass.  I like hunting the hunters.

Finding North Direction and Time using Geological Features, plants and animals

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Finding North Direction and Time using Geological Features, plants and animals

by tonytran2015 (Melbourne, Australia).

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Finding North Direction and Time by Geological Features, plants and animals.

There are many different ways to find North direction and time [1-9], the following methods are currently less known but have been very popular in the past.

1. Geological formation.

For example, if there is a distant mountain range on the West (example only) or a seashore on the East (example only) then any of them can be used a directional pointer.

A river, a road, a railway line in view can also be used as a direction pointer.

The side of a nearby hill with more…

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