Thirsty yet?

water bottles

3D render illustration of the group of five plastic bottles with clear purified drink carbonated water isolated on white background with reflection effect

Without water you will die.  Without clean water you will die a lingering, miserable, painful death.  Plan for good drinking water.  Plan to stay alive.  Survival Dan posts.

2 comments on “Thirsty yet?

  1. Bone Fish says:

    Best thing I ever did was get and use a counter top water distillation purifier on a daily basis for drinking, food prep and filling containers for long term storage. All you need is electricity. It separates everything with a boiling point below 212 from your water. Tap, filtered and osmosis water all taste like whatever junk is still in it after getting used to distilled.

    The cheapest versions work just as well as expensive ones. Here’s the the one I have.

    Mophorn Countertop Pure Water Distillation Purifier with Handle, 4L, 750W, White

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