H9 Takin Real Steel

Nice looking knife with a good price point.


By Steve Hanner

As a farmer and livestock man I daily use one kind of cutting tool or the other. Hearing all the talk about the Real Steel brand imported from China, my curiosity got the best of me and I scouted out the Real Steel Knives web-site for a product for my own test. After some serious consideration I chose the Model H9 from the H-Series. I must say I am glad I did. Because of my work on the farm I do like a big knife. Especially during winter when in the cold it sure helps to have something that will work even when you have gloves. The H9 fills that requirement as its the largest in the Real Steel lineup. The knife has an open length of 9.65 inches and an effective blade length of 4.4 inches. The blade is made of 14C28N stainless steel which is…

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Old School Entertainment

There is no way I could count the hours I spent walking in the woods or wandering through the creek bed with a .22 and a box of 50 in my pocket.  Ah, the joys of youth.  I feel so sorry for kids today (including mine) that did not grow up with  woods and a crick to play in.  Mud is special.  A creek bed with 15 foot straight walls is about the safest place to shoot you can find.  And back in the day a 50 rd. box was only .50 to 1$.  And if the store folks knew you, you could buy cartridges at any age.

My youngest son recently asked how I learned to shoot so well.  I told  him I started with a Daisy Red Ryder (which I bought for myself for $6) and spent every dime I could scrounge on BB’s and shot them all.  Then I did it again.  Great way to learn fast sight acquisition.  They could probably mine the old farm for BB’s and make a fortune.

Then, at age 9 we moved to a bigger farm and I was allowed to carry and shoot Dad’s old Winchester 77 tube fed (Inherited it from him and still got it).  That’s where it started and I never looked back.  My first two rifles were a Remington 510 Targetmaster single shot .22 that I bought from my cousin for $15 (Yes, I still have it and the kids love shooting it) then I bought a 1943 Remington manufactured Springfield 1903 30-06 when I was 14.  Still got it.  In my early teens my mother brought home a Ruger Standard and I began shooting pistols.  She took me to a gun show when I was 14 and the $65 I had in my pocket (I started sweeping floors and mucking out toilets in an office building at age 11) turned into a Colt 1911.  Still got it, though my oldest son claims it.  Mom was pretty special.  NRA Life Member when being NRA wasn’t cool.  She put Orwell’s Animal Farm in my hands and a hard core anti-Marxist was born.  Gee, that’s more than my kids know about me.

I recently ran across a stash of Mom’s Remington 22LR.  Boxes are marked $1.12 each.

My how times have changed.

Hat tip to Maddmedic for the meme.

Coronavirus- Blunt Truth

Read all you can get your hands on about Covid 19. Then prep accordingly.

Capitalist Eric

coronavirus molecule

The coronavirus (Covid-19, or whatever else you want to call it) represents a fundamental change in the way our current society operates. For this essay, I’m ONLY talking about the virus itself. I’ll follow up in the next day or two on economic impacts of it.

But let’s start off with the virus, establish the history, where it really came from, WHY, and what to do about it… then we can get on to what happens after.

First of all, contrary to MSM stories saying it was due to people eating Bat-soup, transferred from Sloths or whatever fictional bullshit they think people would be stupid enough to believe, the virus is NOT a naturally-occurring phenomenon. It was intentionally engineered by China. I will say that this is not speculation, not a conspiracy-theory, but a fact documented by plenty of public-domain documentation, by the people that did it.


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Baofeng Alternatives and the Ban

Good comms can make you or break you.

Midwest Pistol Combat Systems

I don’t have any experience with any of these, for the most part. I have a TYT TH-9000 mobile in 1.25m and it has been a fine radio. We have a local group that chats on 223.5. I also have a Kenwood TM281a, and it is by far my finest radio. The Japanese radio quality is head and shoulders above the Chinese. Now this article is focused primarily on Handheld Transcievers aka Handy Talkies aka HTs.  TYT, Wouxun and Quansheng are the Cheap Chinese alternatives. They are all better quality than the Baofeng, and are mostly commensurately more expensive. How many of these will survive the so called Baofeng ban? I’m not sure having no personal experience, only going off of specs on eBay ads. Some of them undoubtedly may be affected. The TYT, QYT and Baofeng mobiles may be affected as well. You can probably expect to spend over…

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The Silver Lining

My family has used colloidal silver for years.  I think it is great stuff.  But not all silver suspensions are created equal, so you’d better find out about it before you use it.

Just a point of interest:  I recently saw an article about the Chinese buying foggers from a US manufacturer to sanitize their medical facilities after treating covid 19 patients.  The foggers put out colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide to clean walls, furniture, equipment, etc.  Having had good experience with using colloidal silver, the wife and I invested in a couple of ultrasonic vaporizers to put colloidal silver into the air in our home.  Not recommending a course of action, just recommending you research and learn to protect yourself from all threats.


Check That List Twice…

Image result for pics of survival foods

Some survival foods are more important than others, sometimes for different reasons.  Like good chocolate, good whisky, good cigars.  Okay, maybe that’s getting a little off track.  But often we choose foods based on personal likes or assumptions, and that may not be your best choice.

Here’s one take on survival food.  Study hard, read a lot, and remember YMMV.