Contact Tracing

There’s a guy I used to attend church with that constantly harasses anyone on Facebarf (my wife has an account) who disagrees with his idea that we all must wear masks to be responsible citizens.  The guy has been a chicken little for years, scared of everything and particularly disagreement, and yet like the good little socialist he is says that anyone who says you don’t need a mask is living in fear.  He is a nasty little petty meow-man.  He would love to exercise power over others even though he has no authority to do so.  I believe that he would turn in anyone that disagreed with him for the ‘good’ of society.  I refuse to have conversations with people like that as they refuse to consider any opinion other than their own, which is formed in the cesspools of the MSM.  When TSHTF I will consider him a dangerous enemy (actually he is now).  He’d love to be a contact tracer and run roughshod over the rights of others to satisfy his self-righteousness.


2 comments on “Contact Tracing

  1. MaddMedic says:

    Plenty of the soy boys out there… They get quite hysterical and threatening when one stands up and disagrees with them. …. I was taught that a threat should always be neutralized…

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