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Officer Derek Chauvin put his knee on George Floyd’s neck, and kept it there for seven minutes. Mr. Floyd died begging for his life. This time there is no doubt. There is no back story. There is no excuse. It was murder, pure and simple. This is the flagrant abuse of power we fear most. The video will sear the conscience of America as long as there is an America.

Despair makes you set fire to your own neighborhood. Rage answers lawlessness with more lawlessness. Rioters have destroyed black-owned businesses—businesses the owners spent a life-time building.

The looters don’t want justice, they want free stuff—and many of them are white. Violent protesters aren’t honoring George Floyd’s memory. They are adding pain and grief—especially to the family George Floyd left behind.

Why is all of this happening to America? David Wilkerson didn’t just see New York City shutdown in one hour…

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Marxist Idiot Traitor!

If the good folks of Minneapolis are so stupid as to elect someone like this, they are getting what they deserve.  I hope they wake up to the fact that this is all their fault, and make better decisions going forward.

Remember, this entire scenario was likely orchestrated from the beginning, including the murder of Floyd.  First rule of Gun Safety:  Never let the government have your guns.


The Reality of Extreme Close Contact Shooting

Never stop learning, thinking, and practicing.

The Tactical Hermit

From the Archives, 2016

When you are talking about Close Quarters Shooting, there are always varying degrees of “close.”

We have all heard the terms “Reach out and touch someone close”, “Bad Breath Distance close” (Listerine Close) but this video shows a whole different kind of close: EXTREME CLOSE CONTACT CLOSE, which is basically around a foot (12 inches) or less.

This video comes from the place where we get 95% of all Real-world shooting videos these days: BRAZIL.

The background of this is pretty much the same setup as 99.9% of all shooting videos we see from Brazil: A Bandit comes into a place of business (most likely a check cashing shop) only to run into an armed off-duty cop. Good guy shoots bad guy, Good Guys Go Home, Bad Guy goes to the Graveyard.

Here we see a customer talking to a clerk behind what is most likely…

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Safe Training?

firearms training live

The most realistic training is the best, but it also can carry the most safety risks.  When you are setting up a training scenario, think, Think, THINK!!!  Game it out on paper, then walk through it.  Several times.  We ran live fire exercises in the infantry all the time.  Our department runs a live fire range.  It’s the only way you can learn to shoot and move.  Of course Simunitions is great stuff, too, but pretty expensive to get set up for it.

KILL THE MESSENGER: How the British Empire Created & Killed George Orwell – By Martin Sieff — RIELPOLITIK

If you haven’t read ‘Animal Farm’ and 1984, you are likely part of the problem. And read the Founding documents, too.
By the way, did you realize that the Founders considered the Declaration of Independence to be part of the U.S.Constitution? If you need a packet copy of the Constitution, check Amazon to see if they still have some free ones to send you.

The zombie apocalypse survival homestead

Source – – “… It was his BBC experiences that gave Orwell the model for his unforgettable Ministry of Truth in his great classic “1984.” George Orwell had worked in one of the greatest of all world centers of Fake News. And he knew it….Orwell was in the service of the British Empire during […]

via KILL THE MESSENGER: How the British Empire Created & Killed George Orwell – By Martin Sieff — RIELPOLITIK

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Black Looters Attacking White Handicapped Woman

Criminals don’t need an excuse to commit crimes, but when the whole city is upset, the criminals go on a spree, hunting any victim they can find.

The Tactical Hermit

So this is what is REALLY happening in Minneapolis right now folks.

More Black on White Crime Amongst the Looting and Pillaging.

Go Figure.

While the fake media will have you believe these poor, disadvantaged Blacks are protesting because of the “racial” injustice of the Police Force there, the reality is these ghetto felons are going around looting stores, stealing shit and burning down private property just because the weak liberal city hall is letting them and oh yeah, assaulting handicapped white people in wheelchairs too…

The backstory is this brave woman was actually caught in the middle of this ghetto zoo melee and decided to try and be a CITIZEN and actually try and STOP these felons from committing theft, of course the pack of chimps turned on her and being a a TRUE soldier she pulled a knife and tried to stab them and for her trouble she…

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