Got Their Heads Handed To Them

5 questions get them stumped.  Long intro but these questions are killers.  Exposing the corruption and malfeasance.  She gives them 3 days.  Betcha they fail miserably.


Nice rendition of Mike and the Mechanics ‘Silent Running’at the end.  I personally prefer the original, but this is well done.  One of my favorites.  Maybe I just like that wailing guitar on the original.

CAIR Sucks Up to Black Lives Matter

Two violent peas in a pod.

The Tactical Hermit

Radical Black Power, Anti-White Movements and the nation of islam have always been cozy bed fellows.

Remember Micah Johnson and the Dallas Police Shootings back in 2016? 

CAIR and BLM connections go back a long ways.

Stay Alert and Keep Your Powder Dry Folks.

I know, nothing you didn’t already assume, but I’m posting this to encourage you to follow the opposition. Knowledge is power! Sign up, as reader Bob did, and receive regular missives from those groups working to transform America, two prime examples being the… 379 more words

CAIR Sucks Up to Black Lives Matter — Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

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Mario Murillo Ministries

The Black Lives Matter movement is not a majority—not even close. Its agenda, which is to destroy America, can be resisted and defeated. But not if ordinary Americans like you remain silent. As bad as the images and the threats seem—as misguided as the news media and big corporations like Coca Cola, and Verizon are—the biggest threat is the silence of the majority. But breaking that silence will be the undoing of this rioting, looting, and desecration of monuments.

I am not saying it is not a dangerous situation. I am not saying this terrorist movement will go away easily. I understand the reluctance of many of my fellow Americans, because this is such a new horror.

John Michael David said, “Under these conditions, many ordinary Americans feel disoriented and discouraged. Confusion abounds. When did it become racist to like the national anthem and Mount Rushmore? At what point did…

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Texas: Investigation and Trial of Alleged Serial Murderer, Billy Chemirmir, Delayed

The Tactical Hermit

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied.

This POS is one of the most vile serial killers in Texas History and I bet most of you have not even heard about him.


Because He is a Black Immigrant from Africa.

Because he destroys the bullshit multi-culturalist diversity narrative pushed by the MSM and our own Government.

And it now appears the self-same corrupt system is protecting him.


Delayed due to the Chinese Virus says the Dallas Morning News, Pandemic causes delay in investigation, trial of serial murder suspect Billy Chemirmir Over two years after Billy Chemirmir’s arrest, families who say their elderly loved ones were killed by the serial murder suspect are wondering what’s taking so long for county officials to declare…

Texas: Investigation and Trial of Alleged Serial Murderer, Billy Chemirmir, Delayed — Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

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When you let Seattle PD do its thing —

WPI – Without Political Interference.

The zombie apocalypse survival homestead

It works as advertised. I guess you have also noticed the use of umbrellas asa shield for pepper spray and low-vel less lethal ammunition. Watch till the end, lower left side and see how well umbrellas fare against flash-bangs. ENOUGH…The moment the Seattle Police take back control – refusing the BLM protesters any surrender to…

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Not OK

Uncle Joe – Right-Wing News with Kevin Whiteman

I fear that Joe Biden is seriously sick.  I wish no ill towards him or anyone else.  Unless of course, they are attempting to harm me.  But Loopy Uncle Joe has become a joke.  The big problem is what the Marxists are going to do about it?  Are they going to try to get him into office with a ultra-liberal VP and then let him be removed due to his illness?  Perhaps let him die on the campaign trail to get the sympathy vote and so install his VP as president?  Are they going to open the barn door and bring the old nag out to run (Hillary)?

Or, one more nasty scenario that has been floating around in my head for quite a long time:  Let Trump be re-elected and then stage such a campaign of national violence that it forces him to declare martial law, giving lots of little despot bureaucrats a chance to rule without law?  I think that would be the quickest way for the Marxist traitors in the Republic to get the civil war they seem to desire so much.  I find this a real and frightening possibility.  Any way it goes, count on BLM (Burn, Loot, Murder) and Antifa to create as much civil unrest as they can.  So check your zero and load magazines.