Did President Trump Just Nationalize The Federal Reserve Bank?

Gotta keep an eye on everything that happens in the marketplace. Just another form of Situational Awareness.

Easy Money


Tucked in the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill passed by Congress is a curious provision that essentially outlines how the Treasury and the Federal Reserve will merge into one organization. Is this President Trump’s way of taking back America’s monetary sovereignty, or is it a smokescreen that expands the Fed’s power?


Source: by Greg Reese | InfoWars

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4 comments on “Did President Trump Just Nationalize The Federal Reserve Bank?

  1. tonytran2015 says:

    Kenedy printed the dollars from Treasury in order to replace those issed by Fed. Res. Banks and he got assassinated. D. Trump would not dare to nationalize the FED at this time.

  2. steveknife says:

    I like many things he has done and disliked about as many …better than the alternative but ….

    • Yes, I have mixed feelings on his record. I thought the judicial appointments were helping us all out until the recent debacle in the SUPCO. Of course, Roberts, Kennedy, and Ginsberg are not Trump’s fault, so maybe another term with good originalist appointments will keep us a little safer for a while. No time to stop praying now.

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