Not a slave. Your ideas, please.

Many of us that have not fallen for the ‘Rona rage’ Madness are facing this same scenario. Had we spoken up for our freedom in the past, we could have avoided the current infringement of rights. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do and say nothing.


I have stated this before.
I won’t be wearing a face mask.
I’m no one’s underling nor slave.

The problem:

Tomorrow I will have to work again and for the first time since I am working there I don’t look forward going there.

These assholes are demanding every single worker has to wear a face mask now!

Are you shitting me?

I am working all alone there. The colleague closest to me works at a constant distance of about ten meters.

He also is mad as hell about this shit.


please do come up with creative ideas how I could circumvent this without losing my job…

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4 comments on “Not a slave. Your ideas, please.

  1. Unfuck U says:

    Thanks for reblogging!
    Unfuck U
    Notwende (remember me?)

    • Yes, I certainly do remember you. I hope you are well and safe.

      • Unfuck U says:

        Yes, almost everything is just fine over here. Politicians are just the same creatures worldwide I guess. If they‘d drop dead within the blink of an eye nobody would even miss them I guess.
        We got pretty out of touch – and that was my fault I must admit. I just can’t handle … nah make that: I feel awkward and sort of helpless when confronted with someone else‘s medical troubles. I just don’t know how to react. Please forgive me this weakness of mine.

      • Not your fault, brother. I got overwhelmed with a lot of things going on and stopped blogging for quite a while. I’m doing pretty well with the prosthetic leg, and looking forward to retirement in September. My daughter is pregnant and I’ll have my first grandchild in August. Both boys moved back home to finish up the last of their studies. I’m having a great time with the family around me.
        So it is I that should be asking your forgiveness for disappearing for so long. God bless you and yours and we will talk again soon.

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